What are anabolic androgenic steroids?

Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic substances created to stimulate anabolic activity i.e regeneration and growth of muscle cells. AAS maintain good nitrogen balance, increase the number of red blood cells and the concentration of oxygen in the body. All these factors lead to major build-up of lean muscle mass, increased stamina and strength. This makes them popular among amateur and professional athletes. The anabolic steroids differ one from another by molecular structure, period of action, occurrence rate of side effects and administration form.

Why people use steroids?

Originally used in medicine to accelerate recovery after major injures, steroids found itself in sports and bodybuilding to increase the physical abilities of the body. AAS reduce the recovery time, allowing more intensive and rough training - heavier weights to lift and pull, longer distances to run. Athletes use the AAS to win the gold medals at the olympics hoping that they will pass the doping control, professional bodybuilders use them to get the prizes on the competition stage. Most of the amateurs athletes looking at the magazine images of the famous bodybuilders want to achieve the same or similar look. But as known, professional bodybuilders does not even deny the use of AAS, but more, they usually associate themselves with specific brands. And the truth consist in the fact that the use of anabolic drugs actually help to achieve results better and faster. The is no chance to receive equal results with or without the use of AAS. The steroid user always will be one step beyond the athletes who abstain from the use of AAS.

Orals or injectables?

Both, oral and injectable AAS are effective and useful to achieve the necessary goals. The choice of each type of administration should be taken considering all factors. The list of these factors include starting from goals set to the experience of the user. Oral steroids are fast drugs, they start working less than after an hour after administration. But from the other side, orals have shorter half live and require daily administration. Injectible steroid act longer, they are usually administered on weekly basis in muscular tissue (usually in gluteal muscle) and slowly absorb in the body. Every athlete chooses to buy steroids which will suit all the needs, as well as personal preferences.

Where to buy steroids?

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