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Thiomucase cream

Thiomucase cream


Thiomucase cream Information

Purpose Active Ingredient

anti-cellulite, anti-aging mucopolisacaridasa

Drug names

Thiomucase Cream

What is the Thiomucase cream?

The Thiomucase is a mucopolysaccharidase that is obtained from the tissues of the ovary. It acts as a catalyst to facilitate the diffusion of the local anaesthetics. It is also used in the treatment of cellulites. It is a chemical that was also originally used as the dispersing agent. Any patient with an anaphylaxis along with the intramuscular administration of the Thiomucase is reported.

The working of the Thiomucase cream

The Thiomucase cream offers a temporary solution towards tightening of your skin and thereby reducing the visible signs of aging by removing water from the fat cells. The Thiomucase cream removes about 20% of water from the fat cell.

The Thiomucase cream is an effective and a safe product for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. The natural component of the Thiomucase cream, the mucopolysaccharidase acts directly on the orange peel skin, thereby reducing it in depth and also facilitating the fat release, drainage and retained water. This process hydrates the skin and offers a silky yet firm touch. On the other hand, the reducing effect of the Thiomucase cream also helps in shaping up the body contour thereby allowing the release of all the fat tissues that are located between the muscles and the skin.

The benefits of the Thiomucase cream

The Thiomucase cream performs in ways more than one and offers immediate benefits to the user:

  • There is an increase in the firmness of the skin.
  • By enhancing the natural cellular renewal of the skin thereby showing maximum radiance of the skin.
  • Strengthens the skin to promote more vascularity. Thus your skin appears resilient and healthy.
  • It neutralizes the factors that produce visible lines. Offers a new effect of prevention in fat loss supplements.
  • Instantly tightens the surface texture of the skin.
  • Increases the resilience to the touch.
  • Offers great reduction in the appearance of the current tissues of fat.
  • Prevents fat deposits- the adipose fat tissue makes you look flabby and bloated. The Thiomucase cream reduces these fat deposits and thins out the skin thereby restoring the natural resilience.
  • Prevents the loss of firmness.
  • Prevents the slugging of skin.

Directions for the usage of the Thiomucase cream

It is recommended that you apply the Thiomucase cream in generous amount on a regular basis during the morning and the night time. It works best if applied half an hour before the workout sessions, after the shower and or before going to bed. Apply to all the affected areas like the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and the knees. Gently massage the cream into the skin until it is completely absorbed. This will help in increasing the efficacy as well as the microcirculation in the affected area. Only 30 seconds of rubbing the cream is enough to obtain all the benefits of the product. You can notice immediate difference in your skin texture after the application of the Thiomucase cream. The best of the results can be obtained in 7 days and if you continue to use the product all through the year, you are sure to achieve desirable results.

The side effects of the Thiomucase cream

It is seen that the Thiomucase cream causes problems related to acne if administered at higher dosages. It can also affect your blood pressure.

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