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Ventolin Inhaler

Ventolin Inhaler


Ventolin Inhaler Information

Purpose Active Ingredient

Bronchodilator albuterol sulfate

Drug names

Ventolin Inhaler, Aerolin, AccuNeb, Airet, Airomir, Albuterol Sulfate, Almotex, Anebron, Asmadil, Asmalin, Asmanil, Asmasal, Asmatol, Asmaven, Asmidon, Asmol, Asmol Uni-Dose, Asthalin, Broncho-Spray, Broncovaleas, Bronter, Bugonol, Butamol, Buto-Asma, Butotal, Cobutolin, Dilatamol, Farcolin, Grafalin, Libretin, Medolin, Mozal, Novosalmol, Parasma, Proventil, ProAir, Respax, Respolin, Sabutal, Salbetol, Salbron, Salbulin, Salbusian, Salbutalan, Salbutamol, Salbutan, Salbutol, Salbuven, Salbuvent, Salmaplon, Salomol, Sedalin, Sultanol, Suprasma, Theosal, Tobybron, Vencronyl, Venetlin, Ventilan, Ventolin, Ventoline, Ventorlin, Volmax, Vospire

What does Ventolin inhaler do?

Ventolin Inhaler helps you in the breathing. When you are feeling chest tightness or when you are feeling wheezy Ventolin helps in clearing and opening up of the lung tubes. The medicine is also known as bronchodilator, it gives instant relief to breathing trouble and chest problems hence its other name is “reliever puffer”.

Some start wheezing or become short of breathe during exercise. The condition is called exercise-induced asthma where your physician will suggest you to use 1 or 2 puffs of Ventolin Inhaler before you begin your workout. It will greatly reduce exercise-induced asthma.

Before you use your inhaler

Report to your doctor:

  • The names of medicines that you are taking, even those that you have bought without prescription.
  • If for any reason you earlier had to stop having this medicine or any other medicine related to asthma.
  • If you have allergy problems to any food, dyes, medicines or substance.
  • If you are having a thyroid treatment.
  • If you are having a high blood pressure treatment.
  • If you have heart disease.
  • If you have kidney trouble.
  • If you have liver malfunctions.

When you must NOT use your Ventolin inhaler

Do not think of using Ventolin Inhaler if you are allergy prone to any ingredients of Ventolin like salbutamol.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should inform their use of Ventolin to their doctors. Your doctor will decide whether you need to continue with this inhaler. During pregnancy it is required to keep the asthma in check. Do not discontinue the inhaler without prior consultation with the doctor.

Ventolin Inhaler should be strictly avoided to control pre-mature labor.

Using Ventolin inhaler

All the information on how to use Ventolin Inhaler is written in the pack. Go through it to have a proper use.

The pharmacist’s manual will instruct you on the number and the frequency of your use of Ventolin Inhaler. Still if you are not sure, communicate with your doctor or the pharmacist. If we chest problem is getting acute then your doctor might advise you to take more puffs of the Inhaler. Still if there is no sign of recovery then report immediately to the doctor.

Visit the doctor regularly to see if you are using the Ventolin Inhaler in the right way. If you are not breathing the puff in the right way then the medicine might not be very effective as should have been.

If there is difficulty in breathing in and inhaling the Ventolin Inhaler at the same time consult your doctor. A remedy known as large volume spacer like VolumaticÔ should be used along with the Ventolin Inhaler. Your doctor will instruct you on how to use it.


If you feel restless or start having breathing trouble immediately after using Ventolin, report to your doctor.

If the Ventolin Inhaler does not relieve you as much as it should have report it to the doctor concerned. If the effect of the Ventolin Inhaler fails to last as much it should have or less than 3 hours, report immediately to the doctor. This is the indication that your chest trouble is getting more acute.

Your doctor will include another medicine along with Ventolin if the inhaler looses its effectiveness.

Ventolin Side-Effects

Ventolin Inhaler has minor to serious side effects. Your doctor will be the best person to answer any query related to this.

The following side effects are to be informed to the doctor but the user should not stop using Ventolin abruptly if these side effects occur.

Common side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Feeling of nervousness or shaky feeling
  • Oral or throat irritation
  • A ‘warm’ feeling as blood vessels expands under the skin.

Rare side effects:

  • Hyperactivity in the children
  • Muscle spasms and cramps

If hypersensitivity occurs while using Ventolin like skin problems, angieodema (swelling beneath the skin layer), wheeziness, feeling short of breath or sudden giddiness, then you have to inform your doctor immediately and stop using Ventolin.

In rare cases Ventolin Inhaler affects blood potassium level for that the doctor should perform test to confirm.

If other problem persists inform the doctor immediately.

If take too many puffs of Ventolin inhaler (overdose).

Use the Ventolin inhaler as prescribed by the doctor.

If you feel you have inhaled too much puff immediately contact Poisons Control Center or rush to the nearest hospital for medical relief. This you have to do even if you feel that you not having any signs of discomfort.

Keep these important phone numbers nearby.

If you are unsure to will be the next step immediately contact the concerned physician.


Keep the Ventolin Inhaler away from children and pet.

Do not refrigerate it.

Keep Ventolin Inhaler in a cool dark place away from sunlight.

Do not overheat Ventolin Inhaler. Store below 30 deg C temperature. Do not keep it inside locked cars.

Ventolin Inhaler becomes very cold in cold places. To warm it up bring out the metal can from the plastic holder and rub the can in your hand few minutes. Do not warm the can in any other way. Keep the can back in its holder before use.

Do not use Ventolin Inhaler after expiry date. The use might become harmful.

Glaxo Wellcome produces inhalers that provides metered dose to the user until empty.

Have a record of the amount finished by shaking the container or calculating or keeping record of the number of times you have taken the puffs.

Glaxo Wellcome basically have 10% more active dose than prescribed in the container.

The inhaler should not be floated to check the accuracy. Water can enter the container and will affect the correctness of the later doses. Moreover water inside the valve can give rise to bacterial growth.

Always carry with you a spare inhaler in case the inhaler you are using gets damaged.

If the Ventolin Inhaler has crossed the expiry date or your doctor orders you to stop using it ask your pharmacist about the proper disposal of the leftover Inhaler.

WARNING: The metal can is kept under pressure. Puncturing or burning of the can is not at all advisable because it can cause accident.

Missed dose?

If you by chance miss a dose do not have to panic. Take the next dose on time or before that on anytime when you are feeling short of breath.

Further Information

For more queries consult your doctor.


The active ingredient in Ventolin Inhaler is salbutamol. Each puff has 100 to 200 mg of salbutamol. Each Ventolin Inhaler has 200 puffs in it and each Ventolin Forte Inhaler has 100 puffs.

Other ingredients present in Ventolin Inhaler are trichlorofluoromethane, dichlorodifluoromethane and oleic acid.

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