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Xenical Information Purpose Active Ingredient Weight Loss orlistat Drug names Xenical, Alli What is Xenical? Xenical restricts some quantity of the fat you eat and does not allow your body to absorb that fat. Xenical is used to treat obese people who have some risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, triglycerides or high cholesterol. It’s used together with ... Read More »

Ventolin Inhaler


Ventolin Inhaler Information Purpose Active Ingredient Bronchodilator albuterol sulfate Drug names Ventolin Inhaler, Aerolin, AccuNeb, Airet, Airomir, Albuterol Sulfate, Almotex, Anebron, Asmadil, Asmalin, Asmanil, Asmasal, Asmatol, Asmaven, Asmidon, Asmol, Asmol Uni-Dose, Asthalin, Broncho-Spray, Broncovaleas, Bronter, Bugonol, Butamol, Buto-Asma, Butotal, Cobutolin, Dilatamol, Farcolin, Grafalin, Libretin, Medolin, Mozal, Novosalmol, Parasma, Proventil, ProAir, Respax, Respolin, Sabutal, Salbetol, Salbron, Salbulin, Salbusian, Salbutalan, Salbutamol, Salbutan, ... Read More »

Thiomucase cream


Thiomucase cream Information Purpose Active Ingredient anti-cellulite, anti-aging mucopolisacaridasa Drug names Thiomucase Cream What is the Thiomucase cream? The Thiomucase is a mucopolysaccharidase that is obtained from the tissues of the ovary. It acts as a catalyst to facilitate the diffusion of the local anaesthetics. It is also used in the treatment of cellulites. It is a chemical that was ... Read More »



Salbutamol Information Purpose Active Ingredient Bronchodilator salbutamol sulfate Drug names Salbutamol, Albuterol, Ventolin Rotacaps, Aerolin, Ventorlin, Asthalin, Proventil, ProAir About Salbutamol Salbutamol is a bronchodilator prescribed for treating breathing disorders including asthma, chronic bronchitis and others. It opens the airways and makes breathing easier. How to use Salbutamol Sometimes your doctor may prescribe Salbutamol for disorders other than listed in ... Read More »



Reductil Information Purpose Active Ingredient Weight Loss sibutramine hydrochloride Drug names Reductil, Meridia, Sibutramine, Sibutramine hydrochloride, Sibutramine HCl. Reductil is taken for Treatment of obesity. This medicine must be taken with a low-calorie diet. The Reductil is an aid for diet. It appears to work with the help of regulation of the chemicals in the appetite centre in the brain ... Read More »

Ephedrine – Efedrin Arsan, Tedral SA


Ephedrine – Efedrin Arsan, Tedral SA Information Purpose Active Ingredient treating asthma and colds & Weight Loss ephedrine hydrochloride Drug names Efedrin Arsan, Ephedra, Ephedrine HCL, Ceepa, Dymetadrine, Efedrin, Efedrin DAK, Efedrina Level, Eph. HCI-Antos, Ephedrin Spofa, Ephedrini HCL, Ephedrinum HCL, Ephedroides 3, Lardet Expectorant, Mudrane GG, Perspiran N, Perspiran N prot., Pyrralan Expectorant, Quadrinal, Quibron Plus, Rhinoguttae, Stopastheme, Tedral-SA, ... Read More »

Cytomel T-4

Cytomel T-4 Information Purpose Active Ingredient thyroid hormone replacement & Weight Loss levothyroxine sodium Drug names Cytomel T-4, Thyroid hormone, Euthyrox T4, Eltroxin T4, Thyreotom Forte, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Levo-T, Levotabs, Levothroid, Unithroid, T4 Cytomel T-4 warning Levothyroxine is not for use in the treatment of obesity or for weight loss, either in isolation, or combined with diet pills, because of ... Read More »

Cytomel T-3

Cytomel T-3 Information Purpose Active Ingredient thyroid hormone replacement & Weight Loss liothyronine sodium Drug names Cytomel tabs, Cytomel, T3 Cytomel, Triiodthyronine 50, T3 Cytomix, Trijodthyr. 50, Tertroxin, Thyrotardin, Thybon-Forte, Tiromel, Trijodthyr. Leo (ES), Neo-Tiroimade, Cynomel, Liothyronin, Tijodthyronin, Ro-Thyronine, Trijod. Sanabo, Linomel, T3 (Israel, GR), Cyronine, Euthroid, Ti-Tre, Tironina, Trijodthyronin. Cytomel is used for: The treatment of the low thyroid ... Read More »

Clenbuterol (20mcg)

Clenbuterol (20mcg) Information Purpose Active Ingredient Asthma & Weight Loss clenbuterol Drug names Clenbuterol, Clenbuterol Pharmachim, Clenbuteral, Spiropent, Spiropent mite, Spasmo-mucosolvan, Contraspasmin, Clenasma, Novegam, Contrasmina, Cesbron, Ventolase, Broncoterol, Ventipulmin, Prontovent, Monores, Broncodil, Oxyflux, Contraspasmina What is Clenbuterol Clenbuterol initiates strong broncho-dilating action and is a powerful stimulant of bronchial-mucosa cells, enabling enhanced expectoration. Clenbuterol also enables strong positive metabolic reaction, ... Read More »


Acomplia Information Purpose Active Ingredient Weight Loss rimonabant Drug names Acomplia, Bethin, Monaslim, Remonabent, Riobant, Slimona, Rimoslim, Zimulti, Riomont What is Acomplia? Acomplia is registered as an anti-obesity drug. Acomplia (rimonabant) is the forerunner among a new group of therapeutic agents known as Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Blockers (CB1). Acomplia is indicated in the treatment of obesity and allied medical conditions. How ... Read More »