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How to choose creatine

How to choose creatine

Better, of course, is the creatine, which is the purest. This means that the net product should be not less than 99.5%. Scientific research does not stand still and offers more and more answers to old questions. Such as the emergence of products with different transport matrix, special protective buffers. The question arises, what kind of creatine is still better? The simplest creatine monohydrate, though not the most effective, remains to be the most popular. Creatine monohydrate remains to be classic product, time-tested. It deservedly can be called a good creatine, with a condition of minimum content of impurities.

Capsules or powder? What creatine to choose?

Of course, there is no significant difference between powdered creatine and it in capsules, because the active substance is the same. In the form of capsules, creatine is indisputably more convenient: it does not need to be dissolved and convenient to carry. But here there is a financial question: after all at the expense of a shell such additive costs expensive.

Side effects of creatine.

Some people have the opinion that creatine is still harmful, but this opinion is usually unsupported. Why does this happen? Because such people have difficulties during the reception because of misinformation. For example, people who suffer from asthma need to take special care with this supplement or even abstain from using it. The probability of an allergic reaction is high: itching, rash, dyspnea.

In rare cases, creatine is also capable of causing diarrhea, upset stomach and nausea. It is also not recommended to use additives for people with liver and kidney disease. About the intake of creatine during pregnancy and lactation, scientific data are not available, so taking this supplement during this period is still not recommended.

There are concerns about taking the supplement in a mixture with caffeine. scientific Studies allow to conclude that the effectiveness of the additive decreases when using creatine-caffeine mixture. There are no side effects from this mix, but it is better to abstain from such idea.

It is also dangerous to mindlessly perform physical exercises, after taking creatine. Such a desire usually arises from an overabundance of forces, and people overestimate their capabilities. Hence the unpleasant consequences in the form of sprains of muscles and ligaments.

Positive effects of creatine. What are the advantages?

In principle, the list of side effects of creatine on this can be exhausted. And it is possible with all certainty, drawing on scientific facts and research, to draw a conclusion about the harmlessness of this supplement. Speaking about the positive aspects of taking this supplement, it is possible to single out the fact that with such an “assistant” sports will make workouts even more productive. This additive really works, and it is the only drug that is not listed in the anti-doping center’s banned for use. Even Olympic athletes can easily take this supplement as a safe and at the same time very effective product.

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