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Nutrition on cycle of steroids

Nutrition on cycle of steroids

Proper nutrition on the cycle of steroids

This article will discuss how to properly eat on the cycle in order to achieve a truly qualitative and lasting result. Do not forget that a properly constructed athlete’s nutrition is always accompanied by the connection of sport nutrition in his daily diet. The presence of even an average protein in the daily diet, will help more effectively increase muscle growth. Remember that taking anabolic steroids without good nutrition gives a minimal result, this is a major gap for most newbies.


Meals on the steroid cycle

If you decide to increase the general musculature, you need to know that the most important thing in nutrition on the steroid cycle is to take into account the amount of carbohydrates you consume daily. On average, 500-800 grams of carbohydrates per day will be enough. For any person – this is a fairly large number, while for athletes who are intensively engaged, this amount will seem insignificant. Basically, these carbohydrates can be both complex (for example, oatmeal) and fast (sweets). More experienced athletes try to take advantage of the additional intake of gainer (sports nutrition) is used when recruiting mass.

The second most important component in diet on anabolic steroids is protein, bodybuilder should not forget about it during proper nutrition on the cycle of anabolic steroids. Anyone, even a beginner athlete, should understand that without a protein, muscle mass gain is simply impossible. Therefore, 1.5-2 grams of protein per 1 kg of your weight per day is the recommended dosage of protein for athletes who want to gain a significant increase in muscle mass. The main sources of proteins for the human body are meat, eggs, and, of course, dairy products. To increase the daily intake of protein, athletes often use whey isolates with a high protein content. It is able to be quickly absorbed by the body and always has a positive effect on muscle growth during steroid cycle.


Another component, without which the gain of muscle mass is simply impossible, are fats. A sufficient amount is 50-100 grams daily. Particularly important is the use of fats in nutrition on the steroid cycle. This is due to the fact that it is the fats that help the body to adjust the production of testosterone in order to restore its natural level. It is best to use fats that are of animal origin, although if you decide to use vegetable fats, this also does not hurt.


Finally, I would like to say that the food on the cycle of steroids should have high calorie content. Therefore, if you used to have a certain caloric intake of food before the cycle, be prepared that in the near future you will have to increase it. You can do it even with the help of a variety of sweets or even fast food, which will help you to gain the necessary amount of calories, but which still should not be abused. Of course, not every athlete can quickly and painlessly switch to another type of food and increase the amount of food eaten. It was for such cases, and was developed sports nutrition, through which you will soon be able to fill the missing calories for a set of necessary muscle mass.


These are just some recommendations on how to eat on the cycle. The most important thing to remember is that everything is good in moderation. Keep a balance in nutrition, use the main recommendations and dosages for taking steroid medications, and do not forget about regular and strengthened workouts and you will soon be able to notice positive changes in your muscle mass.



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